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The future of Bubbling Library YUI Extension

I will continue supporting and developing the Bubbling Library YUI Extension. Considering that I don’t have too much time these days (working as YUI Contributor, pushing my new project called YRegions that should go public early this year, and my fulltime job at Yahoo!), I decided to support Bubbling 2.x for a while without any new widget/control/utility (to support YUI 2.x updates), and I will wait until the release of YRegions 1.0 to continue the development of Bubbling 3.x on top of YUI 3.x.

Also, considering the momentum of the YUI Dispatcher Plugin, and the number of requests, I’m writing the new version of the dispatcher as an stand alone plugin for YUI 3.x. This new plugin should be ready in the next few weeks.

I apologize for the delay between the bubbling 1.5 and 2.x, and specially because of the official examples list (still working on it), but now I’m on the right track again.

The source code and the examples are now on GitHub. Feel free to pull the source from Git.

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