Webinar: “YUI Open Hours: Yahoo! Axis” (first half)

Yesterday @ekashida and I did a quick walkthrough on the technical part of Yahoo! Axis, specifically the front end and the web components. Here is the recorded session:

* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIvFbJo1Fj8&hd=1

These are some of the bullets we covered during this first half:

Yahoo! axis architecture

  • (caridy) why native (performance, stability, etc)
  • (caridy) why web (reusable pieces, transparent updates, fine grained layouts using css, buckets, experimentation, etc)
  • (caridy) why hybrid (why BM is native, why SL is web, why Omni bar is native)
  • (keugene) why hybrid (how we mimic some of the native pieces for web)
  • (keugene) creating/destroying apps as needed to avoid memory leak issues altogether
  • (caridy / keugene) why independent apps and how it works

YUI Components used and extended in Yahoo! Axis

  • (keugene) [yui core infrastructure] extensions vs plugins (registration, race conditions, configs, etc)
  • (keugene) communication layer Y.CL overview (we show both perf analysis, and the post for postmessage vs Y.CL)
  • (caridy) smart localstorage (cache-offline-smart) and how we extend yui cache-offline for better performance and manageability
  • (keugene) [scrollview-hack] hooking into scrollview-paginator to implement our own anchoring process to avoid cutting cards
  • (keugene) [scrollview-hack] optimization
  • (caridy) [scrollview-hack] defining points of interest as new events (pulling)

Next week we plan to talk about “Mojito” in the context of Yahoo! Axis.

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