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Part of my day job at Yahoo! is to contribute to a bunch of open source projects, and specifically the YUI and Mojito Projects. Aside from that, all my side projects are also hosted in

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I don't have to much time these days, but whenever I get a chance, I try to blog about javascript. Aside from that, all my presentations and videos are also posted in my blog at

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About me

I work for Yeahoho! as principal FE at YUI Team. Some of my work includes mojito, express-yui, yui and a bunch of yui gallery modules. I'm also the creator of the bubbling library.

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Mojito is a mobile application framework built on top of YUI that blurs the line between server and client using nodejs to share the same logic and code between them.


YUI is a free, open source JavaScript and CSS library for building richly interactive web applications. It also comes with a set of components and tools to facilitate development.


As part of a new breed of components for YUI applications, we have released express-yui thru npm, which facilitate the use of YUI on the server and client thru expressjs.


Whenever I get a chance, I try to contribute to yui3-gallery with new yui module and extensions. Some of those componets are available thru Yahoo! CDN.