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YUI Plugin: Lighter - Documentation

A plugin to management highlighting areas: Simple Use Case, Solutions, Key Interesting Moments, Configuration Options, Dependencies and more... Read More

YUI Plugin: Dispatcher - Overview

After several study days, I wrote this extension of YUI library, called Dispatcher. This singleton object will be created during the page load, and require only the "utilities" package of the YUI library, and will guarantee several important points: All of the contents that will be loaded thru the dispatcher will be executed even if the script are remote. All the script inside a content will be executed according to the order of apparition. All the contents will be included in the DOM's structure before beginning the execution. This means that you can references an element inside this structure. Read More

YUI Widget: Tooltip Manager - Introduction

The most common technique for apply tooltips to the complete document is the use of "getElementByTagName", processing each tag and creating one instance of the ToolTips object attached to each tag. This pre-processing can freeze your browser, and create memory leaks when you are using dynamic areas. With the bubbling technique we can guarantee the success without worry about dynamic areas. Read More
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Bubbling for YUI 3.x

Dispatcher (gallery-dispatcher)
The Dispatcher satisfies a very common need of developers using the YUI library: dynamic execution of Ajax response content. (new)

Node Accordion (gallery-node-accordion)
The Accordion Node Plugin makes it easy to transform existing markup into an accordion element with expandable and collapsible elements. Elements are easy to customize, and only require a small set of dependencies. (new)

Event Binder (gallery-event-binder)
Binding user actions until a particular YUI instance become ready, and the listeners defined before flushing those events through a queue. This will help to catch some early user interactions due the on-demand nature of YUI 3. (new)

Preload (gallery-preload)
Port of Stoyan Stefanov's JavaScript preload() function. It also has built-in support for Timer Idle to preload files only when the user is idle to avoid any overhead during the initial loading process. (new)

Parent Window Utility (gallery-parent-window)
This utility provides a set of functionalities to interact with the parent window. (new)

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