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Tabview used page load events

Not Good And Explain how to used the page load event after datsrc to .aspx page

Comment by happkumar - March 14, 2008

Re: Tabview used page load events

Hello... I really don't understand what you mean, because here aren't datasrc, and the dispatcher plugin works independently of the server side technology. If you're using aspx, you just need to pass a flag parameter in the URI (in the current example the parameter is tpl=ajax), and depending on that parameter, you will return the full page or just the main area. Another possible option is to check the headers, in PHP:
if (!isset($_SERVER['HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH']) || ($_SERVER['HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH'] == 'XMLHttpRequest')) {
// do the magic...
I'm not an expert in aspx, but I'm pretty sure that you can implement something similar.

Comment by Caridy Patino - March 14, 2008
Bubbling for YUI 3.x

Dispatcher (gallery-dispatcher)
The Dispatcher satisfies a very common need of developers using the YUI library: dynamic execution of Ajax response content. (new)

Node Accordion (gallery-node-accordion)
The Accordion Node Plugin makes it easy to transform existing markup into an accordion element with expandable and collapsible elements. Elements are easy to customize, and only require a small set of dependencies. (new)

Event Binder (gallery-event-binder)
Binding user actions until a particular YUI instance become ready, and the listeners defined before flushing those events through a queue. This will help to catch some early user interactions due the on-demand nature of YUI 3. (new)

Preload (gallery-preload)
Port of Stoyan Stefanov's JavaScript preload() function. It also has built-in support for Timer Idle to preload files only when the user is idle to avoid any overhead during the initial loading process. (new)

Parent Window Utility (gallery-parent-window)
This utility provides a set of functionalities to interact with the parent window. (new)

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