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What is Bubbling Library?

Bubbling is an extension of one of the most important "Javascript" Library at the present time (YUI - User Interface Library), and it focused in the creation of dynamic behaviors over the base of the YUI Custom Object component for even-driven web applications. Read More

Where I can get this library?

The bubbling library can be downloaded directly from the download page. You can get a lot more from there, behaviors, widgets, plugins, extensions, examples, and you have the option to get the scripts compressed, to save even more bandwidth. Read More

The bubbling library is free?

Bubbling Library is open source, released under the BSD License, so feel free to do anything you want with it. Read More

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Bubbling for YUI 3.x

Dispatcher (gallery-dispatcher)
The Dispatcher satisfies a very common need of developers using the YUI library: dynamic execution of Ajax response content. (new)

Node Accordion (gallery-node-accordion)
The Accordion Node Plugin makes it easy to transform existing markup into an accordion element with expandable and collapsible elements. Elements are easy to customize, and only require a small set of dependencies. (new)

Event Binder (gallery-event-binder)
Binding user actions until a particular YUI instance become ready, and the listeners defined before flushing those events through a queue. This will help to catch some early user interactions due the on-demand nature of YUI 3. (new)

Preload (gallery-preload)
Port of Stoyan Stefanov's JavaScript preload() function. It also has built-in support for Timer Idle to preload files only when the user is idle to avoid any overhead during the initial loading process. (new)

Parent Window Utility (gallery-parent-window)
This utility provides a set of functionalities to interact with the parent window. (new)

- See more modules by Caridy.

Bubbling Library is free open source software under the BSD License

(c) 2006 - 2010 Caridy Patino. All Rights Reserved.

This is one of my side projects, if you need something, just ask!